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fits the

Welcome to Crafft, an independent design consultancy. We partner with startups and enterprises to deliver value with customer-centred products and experiences.

How we do it

Making a difference since 2002, developing products and experiences using an analytical and open mindset. We work at the intersection of design, business and technology, adept in the following sectors: 

  • Business

    It’s official, we have entered the digital business age and with that come two main streams for consideration. Firstly, find market-changing products fast. Secondly, figure out the best delivery methods for those products. We are your experienced sidekick for both business streams. 

  • Brand

    Conceive meaningful and seamless brand experiences across digital and physical touchpoints with purpose. Starting with a clear positioning and vision, we develop scalable visual identities and design systems for existing and upcoming brands.  

  • Product

    Ideate, build, evolve and optimise people-centered digital products, services and experiences through a combination of utility and creativity. Create revenue channels, helping brands to thrive in the digital economy, delivering value to customers with clear objectives. 

  • Placemaking

    We reimagine and transform places by combining community building, technology and experience design. Architectural spaces must not only be designed but owned by people in order to become a place. We achieve this through focused stakeholder engagement and data driven insights for innovative solutions.  

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