It is not about us, but about decisions that we make together and which will shape the future. Yours and ours. You contribute your expertise. We add value by developing transformative solutions designed for your demanding clientele. At Crafft, over 20 branding and technology experts are passionate about your success.

Unser Experience Creator Noe Bisaz.

Noe Bisaz

Experience Creator
Tina Rocheteau ist unsere Office Managerin

Tina Rocheteau

Office and Project Management
Porträtbild von unserem Ideation Experte Raphael Perret.

Raphael Perret

Ein Portät unserer Product Ownerin Deniz Simsek.

Deniz Simsek

Product Owner
Portrait von Vyacheslav Kuvshynov, unserem Senior UI-Designer.

Vyacheslav Kuvshynov

Senior UI-Designer
Unsere Designerin Christa Bühler.

Christa Bühler

Unser CEO Micheal Ruetti.

Michael Ruetti

Unser UX/UI und Motion Designer Noah Dopslaff

Noah Dopslaff

UX/UI & Motion Designer
Nathalie Kupferschmid ist Architektin und Teil unseres Planungsteam

Nathalie Kupferschmid

Bild unseres Product Owners Dave Matus.

Dave Matus

Product Owner
Unsere Designerin Severine Telley.

Severine Telley

Sergey Poprovka ist unser leitender Entwickler.

Sergey Poprovka

Lead Developer
Unser Content Producer Jeremie Schmid.

Jeremie Schmid

Visual Content Creator
Unser Architekt und Placemaker, Scott Lloyd.

Scott Lloyd

Product Owner
Porträtbild von unserem Full Stack Entwickler Daniil Selivanov.

Daniil Selivanov

Full Stack Developer
Porträt Bild von Diana Nechai unserer Ingenieurin für Qualitätssicherung.

Diana Nechai

Quality Assurance Engineer
Einblick in das Crafft Agentur Büro.
Through trial and error, through failure and learning, we have developed a few guidelines to guide us through the day.
  • 01

    Simplicity wins


    But we always remember the line in the song "Substitue" by The Who: "All the simple things you see are complicated".

  • 02

    Start with user needs


    Successful solutions start with the analysis of the users' pain points. Measure, research, talk to the stakeholder groups and involve them. The more we know, the stronger the foundation of the solution.

  • 03

    Strategy is delivery


    Our goal is "tasks" and not long documents. We prefer to build prototypes rather than long PowerPoint presentations. We want to produce results early.

  • 04

    Measure more, assume less


    Because everything is always different than we think: let's base business decisions on data.

  • 05

    Clients are part of the team


    Involve and enable! Because the best strategy is worthless without committed client cooperation. Our work is done when our clients are able to achieve their goals without us. For this, we need them to be part of the team right from the start.

  • 06

    Make things people love


    We want to create work that people love and use. The kind of work that reflects our passion and creativity. The kind of work that inspires our industry. The kind of work that transforms business for our clients. The kind of work that stands out because it stands for something - in the context of culture and society.

  • 07

    One more thing


    Strategy and creativity are our most valuable raw materials, so we prefer not to give them away. We firmly believe that the best results come from dialogue and a committed relationship between our clients and us. Let'start a conversion.