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Digital presence: 
Focus on marketing and sales.


We transformed the digital presence of Kunsthaus Zürich from a classic corporate website to a digital sales and marketing platform. As a starting point, we proposed some significant changes: reduce the content by half and focus on just two of the 14 given goals. More specifically, to enable a seamless experience between online and offline visits and to sell tickets and offers digitally.


Over three workshops, we sharpened the goals and requirements of the digital platform and its social media channels. From there we developed sophisticated user stories that helped us realise a seamless visitor experience. On a technical level, this was a challenge as systems for booking, ticketing, events and the shop had to be integrated into one solution. Our designers and developers worked hand in hand to develop the end solution. 

Two major releases were planned from the outset, which meant we were able to draw on the data analysis of the first stage during the technically demanding second phase. We were then able to implement the online ticketing in a lean and efficient way.

«Notre tête est ronde pour que la pensée puisse changer de direction.»
Franics Picabia


Success for the Kunsthaus and its visitors. The digital services were in high demand from day one: three months after launching online tickets, sales were already in the mid five-digit range. The new platform serves as a digital brand ambassador by enabling user-generated content, a comprehensive events calendar and curated digital exhibitions, which gives visitors a wide-ranging online experience.

Kunsthaus Zürich x Crafft

We've been working for the Kunsthaus Zürich since 2002. We started with posters and advertising material for temporary exhibitions, then came the Kunsthaus magazine, annual reports, various microsites for exhibitions, annual programs, countless videos for a wide variety of channels, flyers, brochures and the museum online store. 

  • Microsite Erneuerungsbau 2021
  • Digital marketing strategy 2020
  • Design digital collection 2020
  • Website redesign 2019
  • Video production since 2017
  • Annual report online & print since 2012
  • Magazine 4/year since 2010
  • Annual program since 2005
  • Exhibition marketing since 2003


Kunsthaus Zürich

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