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Crafft's of­fer is geared to­wards your di­git­al pro­gress: strin­gent user ex­per­i­en­ce, sys­tem­at­ic de­vel­op­ment, meas­ur­able SEO and be­cause it's al­ways about your brand: di­git­al brand­ing.

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    Employer Branding

    Gain new insights into the world of employer branding with our "EB Designsprint" workshop programme.

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    landing pages

    We help you build your digital sales channel for online services or real products.

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    Stakeholder engagement

    We design inspiring place brands that help you rent faster and at higher yields.


Tackle the challenge step by step. And look at things together from different perspectives. Our design thinking approach helps to steer projects in the right direction and to define, realise and further develop your vision of the future.
Unser Vier-Stufen-Prozess: 01 Discover, 02 Solve, 03 Create & Build, 04 Evolve. Er zeigt auf wie wir dein Projekt realisieren.
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    We get to know your users and put ourselves in their shoes. From this we distil their needs and motivations, develop future scenarios and value propositions. The basis is research work, the result is strategic instructions for action.

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    Building on the results of the Discover phase, we develop ideas for new innovation and growth areas. In doing so, we translate the strategy into a roadmap with intermediate goals and quantify these with key figures in order to successfully drive product development forward.

  • 03

    Create & Build


    Design and technology are the foundation for the development of successful digital products. Crafft offers a complete solution from a single source to create an optimal experience for the user.

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    The most effective work begins when the product is live and users interact with it. It is central to the success of the project to measure how the interaction happens from the beginning. To achieve the goal of optimising the user experience, continuous, evidence-based improvement is necessary.