Our mission

Untap your
business potential

  • Through design

    By imagining, designing and building compelling products, brands and experiences, we enable purposeful change that shapes tomorrow.

  • And technology

    By thinking human-first, we develop evidence based, tailor-made digital products, that achieve exactly what they need to deliver.

Our Services

Crafft's services are wrapped in a clear 4-step-process that helps define, realise and evolve your vision for the future. Together with you and your clients, we use our experience hardened process and agile methods as a framework to continuously add value to your product.

4-Step Process
  • 01 Discover

    We get to know your users and immerse ourselves in their context. We distill user needs and motivations, then we develop future scenarios and value propositions based on field research and strategic foresight. 

  • 02 Solve

    Building on results from the discovery phase, we ideate new innovation and growth areas, breaking down the strategy into a solution-roadmap, with metrics to successfully steer product development forward.

  • 03 Create & Build

    Design and technology are fundamental for developing successful digital products. Crafft is a one stop solution, working hand in hand with specialists and developers to create the optimal user experience.

  • 04 Evolve

    The real work starts as soon as the product goes live and gets into the hands of your clients. It’s key to measure from the outset. The aim is to give your clients the optimal user experience, constantly making evidence based improvements where necessary.


Our team of designers, developers, storytellers and strategists brings design-driven growth to the market leaders of today and tomorrow, specialising in the following sectors:

Make brave decisions

We develop strategies holistically, using Design Thinking methodologies as a basis for development. We look at the human, business and technical side of things, better known as desirability, viability and feasibility.

Digitise commerce

We create digital products that create revenue channels and help brands thrive in the economy of tomorrow. We differentiate brands and position them for impact. 

Be pure and simple

Every brand has a story. We find yours. Our strategic and creative approach will help you craft a compelling positioning and brand story to engage your target audience.

Design sytematically

Creating a seamless brand experience across different touchpoints requires a system. Our brand design system encompasses visual standards, user interface and experience design, micro-interactions, interior design, voice and motion — all tailored to the current needs of your business, ensuring you scale over time.

Focus on experiences

Only by touching the hearts of your customers, can a product become truly successful. We start by developing the vision, objectives and key results (OKR) and UX principles. Then we design your product and optimise it on every device and browser.

Build a solid stack

By integrating design and technology, we create an optimal user experience. We choose the technical stack that is best for your objectives, existing technology, business needs and, of course, for your clients and users.

Build difference

Placemaking is a discipline on its own. We combine a team of designers, artists, architects and property developers to focus on user-centered design, community building, positioning and branding. The aim is to transform and future proof places for the better with equal value for users and investors.

Give users the lead

We create data systems that help investors understand and predict patterns of user behavior. We enable property investors to reach users more effectively through optimized experiences and targeted content across digital and analog ecosystems.

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