Digital Product Design:
Strategy and web presence


Sensirion, a highly innovative ETH spin-off, is a world leader in the development and manufacture of microsensors. The company's technological and innovative strength was poorly reflected in their branding, digital presence and subsequent communication material. Timing was ripe to align their vision and expertise with their user experience, in order to reach the most diverse stakeholders.


In a 4-day sprint workshop, Crafft brought together Sensirion's key stakeholders in order to define the foundations for the new business platform. We then prioritized the main features and clearly formulated the value proposition. The aim was to reflect the innovation standards within the company and add value to the user experience, focusing on the target groups indicated.

A particularly important development for Sensirion was the revision of the product strategy. Early user tests revealed clear needs for improved product communication. Crafft developed a filterable product database, supplemented with a naming convention focused on comparability and metadata to help users find the product they need as quickly as possible.

«The systematic down-to-earth approach in the pre-project was exactly what we had hoped for.»
Andrea Orzati, VP Sales and Marketing Sensirion


The result of workshops, conception, design and programming is a fitting reflection for an internationally active sensor company: A smart, technology-affine branding, a new cleaner website and clearly structured product database, enables more deals thanks to improved usability.

Sensirion x Crafft

  • Texter Manual 2021
  • Product Database 2020/21
  • Website Redesign 2020/21
  • Key Visuals 2020
  • Digital Branding 2019



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