App Development:
User centered design for a heterogenous user group. 


Brand design, user experience design and a dash of humor form the raw materials of the app Crafft created for construction company Construct Ltd. An intuitive, hands-on user experience, designed to ease real time project management.



How to develop a platform that brings clearly recognisable added value to all professionals working together on a construction site? For the architect, the civil engineer, concrete worker, bricklayer, everyone imaginable on site.  A platform that not only meets the requirements on-site on any device in any weather, but also at any time – real time. The client entered new territory with the app. Project management had only been digitized in rudimentary forms up until this point.


The different requirements and wishes of the various occupational groups were identified and carefully addressed within the visual language. The result was an easy acceptance and quick user adoption. Plans could easily be called-up, agenda’s and weather checked at a glance for the oncoming days. Different levels of complexity, dependent on screen size could be shown according to planning and tasks at hand, and you could even book in a beer with the team.

Construct x Crafft

What we did 2018-19:

  • Branding

  • UX/UI Design



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