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Placemaking in a dynamic environment


With shifting trends in leisure and shopping, and the dynamic development of its urban context the Metalli shopping centre finds itself in the middle of multiple transformation pressures. Seeing these pressures as interconnected, we developed a holistic re-positioning strategy around the campaign "Lebensraum Metalli" with an outlook to the year 2030 and a program for continuous stakeholder management.


In workshops, we worked with the client to identify the three main values of the brand: openness, attractiveness and sustainability. Based on the brand values, our campaign and interactive platform provide new communication and interaction channels that better connect Metalli with its dynamic local context. The open design system allows for various forms of stakeholder engagement as well as the necessary differentiation and space for further development.


The values, vision and key data of the project are presented to stakeholders via the web platform Lebensraum Metalli. The platform facilitates dialog throughout the entire duration of the project through multiple call-to actions and an editorial program based on periodical user inputs. To implement the platform within the few weeks specified by the client, we used Webflow, a visual online editing platform that helped streamline the production and provided the client with running insights on its development.

"Places are only as vibrant as the people who use the place. Their engagement is what matters."

Zug Estates X Crafft

  • Brand conception

  • Placemaking

  • User Research

  • Workshops

  • Website Redesign

  • Stakeholder mapping

  • Interactive campaigns

  • User journeys

  • Site assessments

Lebensraum Metalli