Restaurant Oskar & Luise

Creation of brand and appearance in the analogue and digital space


No origin, no future. Every place has a story and we dig deep to find it. Once we discover it, we draw from it to create a unique identity and experience. With this, we create places that stand out and attract attention. In other words, places that can't be ignored.


The building in the middle of Solothurn's old town has had a variety of tenants, gastro concepts and names in recent years. The current business has been dormant since Corona. With the reopening, Crafft breathes fresh air into the building and repositions the restaurant. Together with the client Undici Gastronomie AG and interior designer Wolfgang Aeberhard, we developed a story that resonates with the more than 150-year history of the building. The first owners – the Misteli couple – were the inspiration for the name. We used their first names "Oskar & Luise" to build a story based on the themes of tradition, coziness and community.  


An interior design rooted in tradition and committed to innovation while paying tribute to the history of Oskar & Luise from A to Z. A website that sums up the comprehensive gastronomic experience in words, images and film while offering the much sought-after functionality –  especially in regards to reservations. A brand concept that can be applied in so many ways that seamlessly coordinates the digital, analogue and spatial appearance.

Restaurant "Oskar & Luise" X Crafft

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Oskar & Luise