Digital Product Design: Strategy, repositioning and web presence


The general public may not be aware that Aveniq is one of the largest providers of IT solutions in Switzerland. Experts, however, consider Aveniq a hidden gem, and refer to the quality of its services and an impressive list of references since its formation in 2021 from a merger between the former Axpo subsidiary Avectris and GIA Informatik. Nevertheless, Aveniq, plans to increase its web visibility to generate new business possibilities and become better known to a wider audience.


We started by analyzing the back- and frontend of the existing website and with the help of SEO tools took a closer look at its performance. Workshops with Aveniq on personas, user journeys and the company's online mission completed our set of challenges. Our main tasks became focused on presenting Aveniq's seven IT solutions, and showcasing its extensive collection of case studies and white papers as a testament to the company's expertise. Given that high quality new employees are crucial for ambitious and growing companies, the Career Centre had to be given the necessary attention. The main challenge, however, was to fulfill the need to complete the project within a period of four months.


Within our strategy, we developed a new information architecture for the website, created user journeys with distinct conversion goals, completely re-edited the existing static content while ensuring it was optimised for search engines. For the technical basis of the new website, we selected a headless CMS based on Django, which eliminates the need for a frontend or “presentation layer”. Thanks to the combination of Crafft's various in-house competences and an agile sprint planning method, we were able to execute the design and content transfer to the new website within the allocated project time. The website not only  fulfilled Aveniq's goals, but is designed to be expandable so that emerging requirements can be implemented with little effort.

Aveniq x Crafft

  • Ideation

  • User Research

  • Text and image editing

  • Workshops

  • Service Design

  • UI/UX

  • Prototyping & Usability Testing