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Sustainability fact check of concrete.


Betonsuisse has been successful with its balanced mix of provided expertise and aesthetic inspiration, including the organization of conferences and events. Leading with the topic "Concrete in the Climate Debate" we launched a new communication strategy based on independent reporting and an autonomous distribution via social media, where only on-point facts are communicated that are supported by science and backed by expert experience.



How to create a valuable, modern information platform that meets the needs of a wide variety of users and deals with facts about concrete in their daily work or school life? We adjusted and rejuvenated the stakeholder groups by arranging the content, design and channels to be focused on their specific needs.


Two words: clear and simple. And a little more verbose: the design is simple while the display of information is easily read and user-friendly. A modular structure and numerous service features provide easy access and add overall value. Each information module presents itself as a landing page that allows independent marketing and yet is part of the bigger picture.


Betonsuisse x Crafft

Since 2006, Crafft has been positioning concrete among architects and engineers for Betonsuisse. We have designed civil engineering trade publications, namely Update, advertising for Betonforum and Betontag plus annual reports and numerous additional publications.

  • UX/UI Design for, 2021

  • SoMe-Concept 2021

  • Content Marketing Strategy 2020 

  • Marketing Beton Forum X ETH Zürich, since 2008

  • Print Publications for B2B use, since 2007

  • Branding BETONSUISSE 2007



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