Asco with Crafft: ready in six weeks

To­geth­er with the ASCO team, we suc­cess­fully im­ple­men­ted a pro­ject for the de­vel­op­ment and launch of a new web­site. From A-Z, the pro­duc­tion time took six weeks and the web­site rep­res­ents an im­port­ant mile­stone for the fu­ture of ASCO - and for the Ger­man Mess­er Group, to which the Swiss com­pany be­longs. 


To bet­ter un­der­stand ASCO's needs, Crafft con­duc­ted a Brand Sprint with ASCO's man­age­ment team. Dur­ing the work­shop, new po­s­i­tion­ing prin­ciples were de­ve­loped that went rad­ic­ally bey­ond ex­pect­a­tions. These ideas were then im­ple­men­ted us­ing rap­id pro­to­typ­ing and tested with users.

The res­ult was a web­site - "Min­im­um Vi­able Product" (MVP) that in­cludes im­agery, text and us­able fea­tures in the area of en­gage­ment and em­ploy­er brand­ing. The web­site serves as a de­cision-mak­ing basis for the Ger­man Ex­ec­ut­ive Board for the launch of a new ser­vice in the area of car­bon cap­ture.

The rap­id pro­to­typ­ing pro­cess en­abled Crafft to quickly and ef­fi­ciently cre­ate a web­site tailored to ASCO's ex­act needs. Crafft worked very closely and in­tens­ively with the cli­ent to un­der­stand what ASCO needed and to en­sure that the res­ult was ex­actly as de­sired.

ASCO is more than sat­is­fied with the co­op­er­a­tion with Crafft. The chem­istry between the two com­pan­ies was right from the start and the goals were achieved on time and on budget.

"Crafft has as­sembled a great team of stra­tegic thinkers and doers in a short peri­od of time," says Ral­ph Spring, CEO of ASCO. "They are proven strategists who chal­lenge ideas and push for the right out­comes, no mat­ter how am­bigu­ous or large the prob­lem area. I'm very grate­ful for the part­ner­ship we've built and con­tin­ue to trust Crafft in the fu­ture."


As­co X Crafft

  • Work­shop «Brand Sprint»

  • Brand Po­si­tio­ning 

  • Pro­to­ty­ping

  • Con­tent De­sign

  • Web­si­te MVP 

  • Im­age concept (AI-based) 


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