Brand Campaign «Show us your life»

  • Helvetia Wettbewerb Mockup

The mes­sage "You live your life. We pro­tect what is im­port­ant to you" is made vis­ible by means of a photo com­pet­i­tion. It is about pets, hob­bies and un­usu­al fa­vour­ite ob­jects.


In the Hel­ve­tia Photo Con­test, par­ti­cipants can up­load their pho­tos in three dif­fer­ent cat­egor­ies and vote for the best pho­tos in a duel mode. The com­pet­i­tion idea, text and design are by Crafft. The aim of the Hel­ve­tia Photo Con­test is to draw users' at­ten­tion to the Hel­ve­tia blog and Hel­ve­tia in­sur­ance products in an en­ter­tain­ing way. 

The con­test page is de­signed ac­cord­ing to the "mo­bile first" ap­proach and pro­grammed in a re­spons­ive way, which is why it works just as well on the smart­phone as on the tab­let or desktop com­puter. In ad­di­tion to the com­pet­i­tion site, Crafft has de­signed and pro­duced vari­ous an­im­ated videos and on­line ad­vert­ising ma­ter­i­al to pro­mote the com­pet­i­tion on Hel­ve­tia's oth­er di­git­al chan­nels.

  • Helvetia Wettbewerb Mockup mit Mobile Devices
  • Helvetia Wettbewerb Mockup Tablett
  • Mockup Helvetia Wettbewerb Zwei Tabletts
  • Helvetia Wettbewerb Mockup Zwei Tabetts schräg

Crafft x Hel­ve­tia

  • Cam­paign idea

  • UX/UI design

  • Con­tent concept

  • SoMe ad­vert­ising

  • Pro­gram­ming



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