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Increased the visibility of the house by 35% with an omnichannel concept

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We design the brand visu­ally and in terms of con­tent for the theatre and bring its stor­ies to­geth­er in a dif­fer­en­ti­at­ing brand pres­en­ce.


Per­son­al, open and con­struct­ive - the val­ues of the theatre were the tem­plate for the de­vel­op­ment of the brand­ing. This strong "so­cial touch" can be seen and felt every­where in the theatre and on the com­mu­nic­a­tion chan­nels: in the way the tar­get group is ad­dressed, in the visu­al concept and in the im­agery.

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  • Casino Theater Zürich Magazin
  • Casino Theater Zürich Magazin
  • Casino Theater Zürich Magazin
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Crafft x Thea­ter Ca­si­no Zug

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Theater Casino Zug


Latest Work

Als Mockup: Mobiler Ausschnitt der Sensirion Website.


Headless CMS
Mockup für Lebensraum Metalli: Smartphone-Ausschnitte "Yes to Change".

Zug Estates

Areal Branding
Mockup für das Kunsthaus Zürich: Smartphone-Ausschnitte ihrer Online Terminbuchung.


Digital Evolution
Mobiler Ausschnitt von der Aveniq Website.


Business Plattorm
Mockup unserer aktuellen Arbeit für Oskar & Luise: Das Artischocken-Logo in goldener Farbe.


Für die Baugenossenschaft Frohheim durften wir ein Digitales Branding entwickeln.

BG Frohheim

Digital Branding