Platform redesign. Modernization of editorial processes.


The Blick team decided to update their design and visual language, while simultaneously modernising the extensive infrastructure of their online products. The ambitious project involved many internal and external parties and required an overarching vision to bring everything and everyone together.


How to replace Blick print with Blick online as the leading medium, based on reading time? To reach this goal, the online portal needed an increase in performance and video content. Crafft created templates for the various feature formats from video corners to photo galleries, interviews, columns, sports tickers and an overview of sports results. We also simplified the editorial process and developed content templates that allow for flexibility and consistency when designing and creating new stories and features.


The new design was transformed into ready-to-use building blocks and transferred into a toolkit that the editorial team can easily apply and play with in their hectic daily schedule. After having collaboratively defined the most important visual elements, the toolkit gave the editing teams the opportunity to continue working independently and simultaneously bring the new platform to life.

The numbers prove our case: user dwell time increased 32% in the first six months and readership sustainably increased by 12% in the first year after the redesign. 


«Crafft helped us sharpen our product vision. By working with employees from across the company, they laid the foundation for a concept and design that enabled our teams to launch the new»
Rüdi Steiner, Editor in Chief

Blick x Crafft

«The core of journalism is independence» – sharing this mindset, Blick and Crafft were a perfect match for the duration of the 8 month project. We worked with a small team of 4 in iterative sprints to develop the following: 

  • Strategic consultancy for the digital product 
  • Visual language
  • Typography and color scheme
  • Illustration style and UI elements
  • Design system for internal use 



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