We are
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    Full Stack

    With us you get the complete platform with all necessary software components.
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    Design, development, marketing and strategy go hand in hand at Crafft for a convincing result.
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    After the go live comes the crucial work for success: continuous optimization.
we do

In the di­git­al world, design and tech­no­logy are in­sep­ar­able.  When di­git­al products are cre­ated, Crafft has de­sign­ers and de­ve­lopers sit­ting at the same table, so no as­pect is lost.

Crafft spe­cial­izes in de­vel­op­ing and im­ple­ment­ing tech­nic­al solu­tions that are not only ef­fi­cient, but that add real eco­nom­ic value to move your busi­ness for­ward.


Which tech­no­logy?


Choos­ing your "tech stack" cor­rectly is half the battle. The ar­chi­tec­ture will de­term­ine wheth­er your product will scale and de­light end users.


When design­ing and build­ing a ro­bust and flex­ible ar­chi­tec­ture, it's im­port­ant to define stra­tegic para­met­ers: What are your key busi­ness chal­lenges and what are the spe­cif­ic re­quire­ments that need to be ad­dressed? Is there an op­por­tun­ity to merge ex­ist­ing data silos and frag­men­ted pro­cesses and data silos? A fu­ture-proof tech­nic­al plat­form unites all your data and sys­tems in one cent­ral loc­a­tion. It makes di­git­al solu­tions the main­stay of your op­er­a­tion­al and busi­ness pro­cesses.

API ar­chi­tec­tures that we de­vel­op are based on mi­croservices, which en­sure that you can ana­lyze and use your data more flex­ibly, as well as re­cycle it for dif­fer­ent chan­nels.


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    • Con­tent Man­age­ment Sys­tems
    • E-com­merce solu­tions
    • Di­git­al ex­per­i­ence plat­forms


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    • Tech­nic­al Roadmap
    • Test Strategies
    • Device Com­pat­ib­il­ity
    • Ac­cess­ib­il­ity




We build ex­per­i­ences for your users that are a com­bin­a­tion of tech­no­logy and cre­ativ­ity. In do­ing so, we help your brand be per­ceived pos­it­ively on­line.

We not only de­vel­op mar­ket­ing-ori­ented web­sites and com­plex plat­forms, but also define the strategy, brand­ing, user ex­per­i­ence and design. Our de­velopers and de­sign­ers work closely to­geth­er, jointly de­fin­ing the on­line brand ex­per­i­ence. At the same time, we strive to align all of our train­ing, tools, pro­cesses and tech­no­lo­gies to en­sure that you, as a busi­ness, are ready for the fu­ture.


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    • Di­git­al Brand­ing
    • Con­tent Strategy
    • Tech stack


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    • UX/UI Design
    • Con­tent Cre­ation 
    • De­vel­op­ment / Pro­gram­ming
    • Qual­ity As­sur­ance
    • Main­ten­ance

"User First also means thinking about the internal users of the platforms: we use the latest technologies (Webpack, React, SCSS) that simplify editing."

Sergey Poprovka, Senior developer

From con­sult­ing to main­ten­ance

In­nov­a­tion nev­er stands still. We bring a fresh out­side per­spect­ive to your IT land­scape. At the same time, our tech teams are po­si­tioned to take over the main­ten­ance of your sys­tems.

Whatever work you need us to do on your tech­nic­al stack: We bring to­geth­er the right people from our net­work with the right people on your side, cre­at­ing mul­tidiscip­lin­ary teams that are highly ef­fi­cient and res­ults-ori­ented.

To­geth­er, we can de­cide what role Crafft should play in your pro­ject in terms of tech­no­logy. We can or­gan­ize everything for you, from A to Z, or we can just ad­vise you on how to im­prove and ex­pand your on­line land­scape. Even if we are not the de­veloper party, design and tech­no­logy will be in­teg­rated. We're used to work­ing with a wide vari­ety of teams, and the col­lab­or­a­tion doesn't stop once your product goes live. We are happy to take care of main­ten­ance ourselves or ar­range for a cer­ti­fied man­aged host­ing com­pany to take care of it.


How we
do it

We build ar­chi­tec­tures and plat­forms with mar­ket-lead­ing tech­no­lo­gies that scale as you grow.