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    With eagle eyes, we provide you with an outsider's view of your complete digital presence - and give concrete instructions for action.

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    No web relaunch without focusing on digital marketing. SEO optimization starts with programming and ends with usability.

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    There are many ways to improve performance in content creation. Use our experience and set clear target definitions with us.

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For Crafft, di­git­al mar­ket­ing is its own dis­cip­line. We have ex­tens­ive ex­per­i­ence in SEO, data ana­lyt­ics and con­ver­sion op­tim­iz­a­tion.

The truth is, the real work be­gins after your web­site goes live and users in­ter­act with your product. To meas­ure goals and check de­sired res­ults, it's im­port­ant to col­lect data. And to make ad­just­ments where ne­ces­sary.

Our data team works closely with our de­sign­ers, de­velopers and cli­ents. The syn­ergy that comes from this col­lab­or­a­tion leads to the best pos­sible user ex­per­i­ence res­ults and a clear im­prove­ment in con­ver­sion num­bers. We of­fer the fol­low­ing di­git­al mar­ket­ing ser­vices.


SEO audit

The ana­lys­is shows how vis­ible a web­site is for Google and how well it per­forms. 

To find out what we can do for an ex­ist­ing web­site, we first take a quick look "un­der the hood". We go through roughly how your web­site is built, check the avail­able data tools and check how find­able and vis­ible your web­site is on­line.


  • Strategie Flussdiagramm Symbol.


    • Per­form­ance Re­views
    • Rank­ings
    • Tar­get group and plat­form ana­lyses
    • Con­tent ana­lyses



  • Symbol für execution.

    Check Up

    • On­line Dash­board Set Ups
    • Vis­ib­il­ity
    • Rank­ing
    • Back­links
    • In­dexed Pages
    • Page Speed
    • etc.

Data ana­lys­is and present­a­tion

To­geth­er we define which in­sights are cent­ral for you: Con­tent ana­lys­is, per­form­ance re­view, plat­form check etc. And then we get star­ted!

We ana­lyse user be­ha­viour and en­sure that data is col­lec­ted in the best pos­sible way. We set up easy-to-un­der­stand dash­boards where traffic and goals can be mon­itored sim­ul­tan­eously. We help you set the right pri­or­it­ies.


Deniz Simsek verstärkt das Crafft Team als Product Ownerin.

"We translate your business goals into marketing strategies - on search engines, social media, and video platforms."

Deniz Simsek, Digital Marketing Expert

Search en­gine op­tim­iz­a­tion

Every brand needs a pres­ence in the di­git­al mar­ket­place. A man­aged SEO helps it to gain vis­ib­il­ity.

The suc­cess of a web­site is mainly de­term­ined by its vis­ib­il­ity and find­ab­il­ity in search en­gines. Due to the im­mense pop­ular­ity of search en­gines, we see SEO as an es­sen­tial part of every new and ex­ist­ing pro­ject – and can come up with in­sights and tools to quickly achieve the goal.



Op­tim­ize con­ver­sion

Simply put, we want to achieve more con­ver­sions with the same num­ber of vis­it­ors.

To do this, it is ne­ces­sary to con­vert an or­din­ary user in­to a "buy­er" (pur­chase of a ser­vice, a news­let­ter, an "art­icle". For the sus­tain­able suc­cess of a web­site it is es­sen­tial to deal with the op­tim­iz­a­tion of this "con­ver­sion rate" as soon as the web­site is on­line. We can set up a concept for this, ana­lyze the num­bers to­geth­er and reg­u­larly in the first few months, and op­tim­ize them as needed. Over time, you op­tim­ize the res­ults your­self.


How we
do it

We love ana­lyt­ics, tools and trends. This pas­sion has giv­en rise to our com­pre­hens­ive ana­lys­is of­fer­ing. You too can be­ne­fit from it.