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    We believe in: Prototype instead of PowerPoint! From innovation sprints to products & services to strategy work.
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    Brand Designer

    With memorable brand designs, we create added value for your investment and for your clientele at the same time.
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    An idea alone is not creative. Turning this idea into reality is the creative process and has been our passion for 15 years.
we do

For more than fif­teen years, brands have been the start­ing point for everything we do here at Crafft. But when do you start man­aging the brand?

What is your chal­lenge? When should you re­vise your brand or even re­new it from the ground up? To fig­ure this out, every brand pro­cess starts with get­ting a pic­ture of what you're really about.


  1. Some­times Crafft is hired to build a brand from the ground up. There is a busi­ness idea, but who are you and who will you be?

  2. Some­times a new busi­ness re­quires re­fin­ing an ex­ist­ing brand. In­ter­na­tion­al­iz­a­tion, for ex­ample, or en­ter­ing the world of e-com­merce.

  3. And of­ten, the com­pan­ies that en­gage in brand strategy or brand de­vel­op­ment change their dir­ec­tion and, in turn, their en­tire busi­ness.


Design concept

A brand is more than just a logo. We be­lieve that a strong brand should be felt in everything a com­pany does and says.

Cre­at­ively, the design pos­sib­il­it­ies are lim­it­less. The cru­cial ques­tion is: What is the right design to lead your com­pany in­to the fu­ture, to make your com­pany vis­ible and tan­gible in the di­git­al space?

This is where strategy comes in­to play. Be­fore we design any­thing, we help you define the right po­s­i­tion­ing for your brand. Pure, simple, power­ful. Our ap­proach to both the res­ult and the work pro­cess. We use meth­ods that al­low us to move for­ward quickly and work in part­ner­ship: you bring the know­ledge, we cre­ate the fo­cus and a com­pel­ling story.

From the story, we de­vel­op a brand concept and brand design that set the path for build­ing your brand iden­tity. Our team of UX and graph­ic de­sign­ers:in­side will sup­port you in the im­ple­ment­a­tion - start­ing with busi­ness cards to a new cor­por­ate video to the design of your web­site


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    • Brand Sprint Work­shops
    • Po­s­i­tion­ing
    • Con­tent Strategy
    • Cus­tom­er Ex­per­i­ence
    • Data + Ana­lyt­ics
    • Roadmap­ping


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    • Brand Iden­tity + Design
    • Visu­al Lan­guage + Art Dir­ec­tion
    • Design Produk­tion + Ex­e­cu­tion
    • Ex­per­i­en­ce Design / UX / UI


Design sys­tem

Brands change over time. Com­pany ac­quis­i­tions, new product lines, di­git­al trans­form­a­tion, new stake­hold­er in­terests.


Crafft sup­ports you in de­cid­ing on your brand port­fo­lio. Do you want to cent­ral­ize the brand­ing of your products or ser­vices or would you rather de­cent­ral­ize? How about an en­dorse­ment? What of­fers the best cus­tom­er ex­per­i­ence? We have a lot of ex­per­i­ence in all these ques­tions and are ready to work with you.


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    • Brand ar­chi­tec­ture
    • Brand port­fo­lio
    • Brand mes­sages per GF


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    • Brand Iden­tity + Design
    • Visu­al Lan­guage + Art Dir­ec­tion
    • Design Pro­duc­tion + Ex­e­cu­tion
    • Ex­per­i­en­ce Design / UX / UI

"A brand needs to be as easy to understand and as memorable as possible so it doesn't get forgotten."

Michael Ruetti, CEO

Visu­al Iden­tity

The brands we cre­ate straddle the line between clar­ity and sur­prise, po­s­i­tion­ing you in the con­text of cul­ture and shared val­ues and ideals.

A strong visu­al iden­tity al­lows your brand to clearly dif­fer­en­ti­ate it­self and stand out from the crowd. It is al­ways the visu­al iden­tity that brings the brand to life. Only with a strong visu­al can users, cus­tom­ers and busi­ness part­ners re­cog­nize what your brand stands for. Well-man­aged brand­ing provides a sol­id found­a­tion for all touch­points.


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    • Brand Design 
    • visu­al lan­guage 
    • Styleguide
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    • Pic­ture edit­ing
    • Mo­tion Design
    • Magazine Design 
    • Video Pro­duc­tion


Brand Design Sys­tems

The goal of any brand man­age­ment is a seam­less brand ex­per­i­ence across all touch­points.

Crafft is ex­per­i­enced in cap­tur­ing all pos­sible chan­nels in dy­nam­ic style guides, from web­site to so­cial me­dia and from point of sale to video. By reg­u­larly re­vis­ing the style guide, the brand iden­tity stays cur­rent - and so does the mod­ule code, which can be in­teg­rated in­to the style guide upon re­quest. 

How we
do it

Design makes the dif­fer­ence. We de­vel­op products that are "on-brand", ful­fill your busi­ness pur­pose and de­light your users.