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  • Unser initiales C wird durch unter dem Arm getragen.

Mi­cha­el Ruet­ti | 19. May 2022 | 2 minutes read­ing time


Think as an en­tre­pren­eur:in

We rely on every­one to carry their own weight. As things come up, it’s up to you to fig­ure out how to solve them. lf you're strug­gling, ask for help. When you see oth­ers in deep wa­ter, of­fer your sup­port. An en­tre­pren­eur­i­al spir­it goes far here ... em­brace the mind­set. 


Be a team play­er

No mat­ter what your role is, we ex­pect you to con­trib­ute to the product or ini­ti­at­ive. Great work re­quires col­lab­or­a­tion and an open mind.


Turn off your ego

Al­ways re­mem­ber: your are not your user. The work we cre­ate is not for awards or your per­son­al port­fo­lio. lt's craf­ted for our cli­ents and their audi­en­ces. Be pro­fes­sion­al, move past your per­son­al bi­ases. Design for the cli­ent – be proud of the out­come.


Do work with im­pact

Don't let oth­ers down. Not our cli­ents, not our team. Don't dis­ap­pear in the middle of a pro­ject. Don’t drink cof­fee when your bud­dies are un­der pres­sure. Over-de­liv­er on ex­pect­a­tions. Over­ Com­mu­nic­ate. Don't make as­sump­tions. Trust is earned, not giv­en – meas­ured by your im­pact on the work 


Give feed­back that moves us for­ward

"That looks great" isn't good feed­back. "That looks great be­cause of XY&Z" is. Make your feed­back valu­able so your team val­ues your feed­back. And al­ways be hon­est in what you say. 


Take cli­ents with you on the jour­ney

We are noth­ing without our cli­ents. They trust us to do our best in their in­terest. Do right by them and they'll do right by us. That doesn't mean we can't dis­cuss and dis­agree. 


Be re­li­able

This is simple: Be on time for your meet­ings! Be­ing on time means be­ing early and pre­pared. Have your con­fer­en­ce tools set up, your present­a­tion prepped, and your phone turned off. Don't make any­one wait for you.