Studio facts

How we work at Crafft

Bring in the mindset of a pro
We rely on everyone to carry their own weight. As things come up, it’s up to you to figure out how to solve them. lf you're struggling, ask for help. When you see others in deep water, offer your support. An entrepreneurial spirit goes far here ... embrace the mindset. 

Contribute with an open mind  
No matter what your role is, we expect you to contribute to the product or initiative. Great work requires collaboration and an open mind.

Kill your ego 
Always remember: your are not your user. The work we create is not for awards or your personal portfolio. lt's crafted for our clients and their audiences. Be professional, move past your personal biases. Design for the client – be proud of the outcome.

Be impact driven 
Don't let others down. Not our clients, not our team. Don't disappear in the middle of a project. Don’t drink coffee when your buddies are under pressure. Over-deliver on expectations. Over­ Communicate. Don't make assumptions. Trust is earned, not given – measured by your impact on the work 

Give valuable feedback
"That looks great" isn't good feedback. "That looks great because of XY&Z" is. Make your feedback valuable so your team values your feedback. And always be honest in what you say. 

Collaborate and see clients as part of the team
We are nothing without our clients. They trust us to do our best in their interest. Do right by them and they'll do right by us. That doesn't mean we can't discuss and disagree. 

Be reliable
This is simple: Be on time for your meetings! Being on time means being early and prepared. Have your conference tools set up, your presentation prepped, and your phone turned off. Don't make anyone wait for you. 



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