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1. Who are you and what do you do?

Our strategy is love. Our thinking is open. Our appearance is self-confident. The business principle is simple: let’s make our customers successful in the market.

2. What's in your DNA? 

Form follows emotions and a mindset of: pure, simple and useful.  

3. What is design to you?

Design is not art. Design is purpose. Design is form. The form follows a function and a strategy. The form supports everything, making it clear, friendly and usable. 

4. Do you have your own style? 

We worry more about substance than style. Our star is our process and we set our compass by it. 

5. What is more important: technology or design? 

Neither. Having great tech or good design alone is no longer enough to win. We define ourselves as a partner that can help deliver from beginning to end, and back again. Our approach to product delivery is all about creating virtuous cycles that cover the entire product lifecycle, from ideation to engineering to future innovation. 

6. When I work with Crafft, what is the technology / design ratio? 

Nowadays: Tech vs. Design 35% : 25%
The rest is ideation.

7. What makes you stand out? 

We play 2% jazz and 98% funky stuff on every clients' keyboard. That’s why the sound is always different. 

8. Do you have an agency principle? 

Never rule out a goal because you think it’s unattainable. 

9. What has been the primary goal for Crafft these past 20 years?

Simplify everything you can. And in doing so, we have learned: all the simplest things you see are complicated. 

10. And what struck you the most? 

Everything is invented. It just has to be reinvented.

11. What is the most important thing of all?

Long term-partnerships

12. What would you say you are particularly good at?  

Being weak and strong at the same time. 

13. What drives Crafft?  

Pain + Reflection = Progress. Creative work is never easy. 

14. Are you expensive? 

Who buys cheap, buys expensive. Our prices are within the range of the usual

15. What is a good collaboration for you? 

 Great collaboration feels like great music, a marriage of parts. 

16. How does a typical project play out?

1. Establish a collective mindset – great expectations create great potential
2. Learn from our clients and gather a deep understanding of their business and operations
3. Bring in our expertise, rolling out future scenarios and possible solutions
4. Create and build the solution
5. Evolve the product by tracking learnings and continually moving forward

17. Does a client have to follow your process methodologies? 

Too many processes are an obstacle towards true innovation. We focus on progress at market speed, which is why our processes are both iterative and incremental, resulting in value based outcomes that support the realisation of key goals. Investing in the right tools, technologies and workflows, ultimately enables more seamless collaboration between design and development teams at all stages of the product development process. It’s important to adopt tools and frameworks that promote collaboration and transparency, rather than strict adherence to methodologies. And to counteract process slowdown, make bold decisions and encourage team experimentation, knowing that automated processes and design systems have your back.

18. How involved is the CEO? 

Our team think too strongly. Customers find this quite OK. 

19. Do you take part in pitches? 

We have our own policy — see here

20. Does Crafft respond to client's requests or do they know everything better? 

You bet. 

21. Why the name CRAFFT?

The name is inspired from a book by the US American sociologist Richard Sennett - The Craftsman. The message is simple: craftsmen are all those who feel the desire to "do something well for its own sake." This desire and the experience of being completely absorbed in work — be it a piece of music, a computer programme, the stitching of a wound or a wooden table — is what modern psychology describes as "flow". That's what we strive for: a good flow with partners and clients. 

22. And why CRAFFT with 2 FF's?

The two F's stand for Function in Form.

23. What should you not talk about with clients? 


24. Do you like pets? 

Yup, cats as much as dogs! We even support an animal shelter in Tanger. 

25. What advice would you give clients?

Take a look at the Matterhorn from the Italian side.  

26. Anything else you want to know?

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