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It's all


It’s not about us. It's about our shared future and the choices we make that will shape what comes next. Whether your focus is b2b or b2c, we’re here to reimagine and build businesses of all shapes and forms, launching them to people everywhere. In 2002 we set off with a mission: to build brands and products that shift categories and add value to people's lives. A mission that continues to propel us forward.

  • People


    We are an interdisciplinary team, combining diverse perspectives to build strong results. There’s strength in numbers, but it’s the diversity that really makes it for us.

  • FAQ


    Everything you ever wanted to know about Crafft, from how we work, what’s important to us and the meaning behind our name.

  • Years


    Yeah, time sure flies and with it our experience grows. We’ve collected a trail of moments along the way that have collectively paved the path behind us. Take a look. 

  • Studio facts


    Our Mantra is getting stuff done. It’s how we began and still work today. It works for us and how we work in a nutshell. 

  • Design philosophy


    Design is thinking about emotions with an open mind. It’s a translation from brain to heart. It makes a strategy tangible and creates an understanding of what will be needed tomorrow. 

  • Last but not least


    There's one more thing. Our strategic and creative resources are our most valuable assets. It's what gets us out of bed in the morning, and drives us every day.


Through trying and doing, failing and learning, we have developed six guiding principles that lead us through each day.  

  • 01 Simplicity

    We are fanatical about simplifying things

  • 02 Ideality

    Our passion is to transform ideas into reality

  • 03 Perspective

    We love to look at the Matterhorn form the Italian side 

  • 04 Fusion

    Our talent lies in both business and culture 

  • 05 Fearlessness

    We know that what looks good today may not look good tomorrow

  • 06 Waves

    There will always be waves to ride – we look for the big ones

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